Sunday, July 12, 2009

Legitimate Paid Survey Sites

UPDATED: 7.12.2009
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Survey sites are a great way to earn some extra cash on the side. Some of them pay in cash and some pay in rewards. The amounts paid for surveys are typically based on the amount of time and topic of each paid survey.

There are tons of survey sites out there. I would suggest only signing up for free sites. Do not get scammed by paying for money. It doesn't make sense to pay money for money.

Survey sites issue out a few surveys a day, depending on the site. I have provided a list of legitimate sites that do pay their members and provide multiple surveys each day. These sites actually pay their members, is worth the time and effort, and are FREE TO JOIN.

I have saved you from the trouble of finding the best survey sites around. If you want to increase your income from paid surveys, sign up to all of the following sites that I have listed. Soon enough, you will be receiving checks in the mail and have some extra cash on the side to spend.

eBates: A shopping site that gives you up to 26% Cash Back every time you shop online. You can shop at over 1000 stores including Barnes &, Gap, Target,, EBAY,, and Expedia. Plus you get additional savings with exclusive coupons, free shipping offers, and limited-time sales! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
Sign up with Ebates today and get a $5 bonus when you make your first purchase! Similar to TreasureTrooper in that you complete offers and surveys for cash. This site seems much better, where you can actually earn cash instantly for promo codes. $3 credit for just signing up. Within 10 minutes of joining, I had $6 in my account!

NFO-MySurvey: They are one of the oldest and most trusted survey sites on the web. About 2-5 surveys a week.

TreasureTrooper: A site that pays you a total of $1.75 each day for 2 guaranteed surveys. Also, the ability to complete free offers for cash. They pay either
by check or Paypal!

Daily Survey Panel: Great site offering you about $1.20 for each survey conducted. They let you keep trying until you get one done. 100s of surveys available. Fast payouts (within 48 hours) and low minimum balance for payout. They pay you to search using their search engine. Actually, it uses a combination of Google and Ask Jeeves. You redeem your swag bucks for prizes. Won 10 swag bucks in 1 day of searching. Prizes include gift cards, electronics, and trips.

Search & Win One of my favorite sites. Provides many surveys a day, with an average of 5. Surveys are very easy to qualify. They also have quick cash redemption. I have made over $200 in a 5 month stretch!!

CashCrate: Basically the same as TreasureTrooper. Complete offers and surveys for easy cash.

SurveySavvy: A new site I have tried. Multiple survey opportunites each and quick rewards.

Nielsen/NetRatings: Average site. I would say it is okay.

SurveyHead: Surveys tend to be hard to qualify for, but they do pay you via Paypal.

GlobalTestMarket: Many cash surveys.

If anyone has other successful survey sites, please comment below. I will try them myself and edit the site if I find them to be useful in making money.

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Karen said...

I have been successful with some of the sites you mentioned plus a few more. You can find them in the sidebar of my blog. Let me know what you think of them! I even have my earnings posted.

Karen said...

I belong to Survey Savvy, but I rarely get any survey's from them. The funny thing is I just got one this morning. The first in a LONG time. I also belong to Survey Spot and I get surveys from them all the time. Most are for drawings but I've cashed in with them a lot. They send checks. I just started with Survey Head and I do like them, but find I don't qualify that much but that's ok, I'll just keep on trying. I haven't cashed out yet. Those are the only one's I'm very active with that you have listed here. I would love it if you listed my site here, that would be great!

yapkc67 said...

Dear Friend,

Try this website. You get paid for doing surveys & make some extra income getting refferals to the site. Screenshots of Paid Survey Payment available here.

Mary Ann said...

I use a few of those. I did Survey Spot for about 6 months and the only thing that I ever got was a chance to play a game for entries into sweepstakes. I never got a payout - unless I'm missing something.

Berg said...

The trick I do with SurveySpot is wait for the emails for surveys. I only do the ones that offer money for the incentive. I usually get 1-3 of those types everyday.

Freeallcards said...

You seem very lucky, Berg! I did join survey sites before, too, but got a bit discouraged at the dearth of surveys coming in.

Til then!

Samsul said...

hi, most of survey are only for US resident. Hmm..

o2bnocn said...

Wow! nice lists of sites to earn from. Squishycash is one of my favorite sites to make money online with. I used to belong to surveyspot but they quit sending me any surveys for some reason. I liked them two. My favorite survey site is pinecone research.

DirtyLAWndry said...

Thanks for the helpful info! I belong to several of the surveys that you mentioned. It took a VERY long time before I received a payout and even then it was small. I do this in my spare time though which I don't have a lot of, so maybe that is why my results weren't that great.

aramex said...

pls what else can i do to with my blog which is free of charge